Today, Pickles’ Bluff is mint – ready for special visitors!


Updated: May 2016


The magnificent Pickles’ Bluff is the best place to share with tourist and visitors alike! The eastward views are exceptional, everything from Sidney, the North Shore Mountains, the Gulf & San Juan Islands, the Cascades, the Victoria area and the Olympic Mountains.


Since October 1990 (grade 10, age 16) I’ve continually cared for this sacred place. The bluff was covered in broom, much 7’ high old-growth. Further down, the lower shelves had decades of accumulated garbage (over 50 bags).


Today, Pickles’ Bluff is 100% broom & garbage free. Moving forward, to sustain the achievement, the Bluff requires one volunteer hour per month; required each month forever and ever.



Initial broom removal was conducted in 1991-93 by me and a few Friends, and I spent the next two decades removing the regrowth to exhaust the bank of seeds. Today, new broom is likely deposited by the wind or birds. Of interest to future volunteers, broom as-young-as 3yrs/30” can produce seeds, so it’s absolutely essential to remove the baby broom monthly to exhaust and wipeout the generations. The eastern broom zone includes the entire bluff area and all meadows surrounding the LAUWELNEW Trail; please don’t allow broom to grow beyond 6”.



Two types of garbage have been removed: new & old.

New garbage is within 45 days, usually some cans and plastic. But, from time to time huge parties produce considerable garbage, which takes several searches to remove everything. The summer of 2014 had three such parties, verse 2015 had none.

Old garbage seemed to date from the 1950s onwards. I’ve removed 50+ bags and from time to time an old bottle emerges thanks to a deer revealing where it was buried.

Either new or old, all garbage is removed upon discovery. Of interest to future volunteers, typically Pickles’ Bluff generates eight half-bags per year; imagine the accumulation if garbage wasn’t removed? The lower shelves need to be searched and continually cleaned to prevent accumulation.



                Definitions for Pickles’ Bluff:

  • Debt = broom taller than 5” & garbage older than 40 days
  • Deficit = broom shorter than 5” & garbage newer than 40 days
  • Mint Condition = reaffirmed monthly, 100% broom & garbage free


It’s all about providing exceptional stewardship; the good news is: the hard work is done! Future volunteers will inherit a zero debt & deficit workload; broom and garbage removal can be done together, one hour per month forever.

I absolutely know to sustain the achievement, Pickles’ Bluff requires 12 volunteer hours per year.



  • require 2 persons, age 50 and younger
  • suggest a 5-10yr commitment
  • encourage younger persons, suggest funding a first aid course
  • cultivate a mentorship relationship
  • express the value of work done (retain key volunteers)
  • recognise a committed volunteer; I’ve proposed $1 per hour to cover expenses ($12 annually), or reimburse the following:
  1. first aid kit (hidden at bluff)
  2. gloves, disposable
  3. garbage bags
  4. zip-lock bags (for broken glass)
  5. graffiti remover w/scrub brush and rags
  6. small broom (for steps)
  7. a pair of socks



Because Pickles’ Bluff is a high priority, in the event volunteers don’t emerge, I believe a Friends group or my descendants should contract the work. The value and worth of “broom & garbage free” is significant, much more than $1 per hour; suggest $200 annually / $2,000 per decade.

  • I believe a volunteer can be retained when they’re thanked and supported
  • Pickles’ Bluff should always be in mint condition
  • The above information has been entered into the Park Data Handbook



  • old garbage – older than 45 days
  • new garbage – newer than 45 days


Examples are & will always be:

  • motor cycle seat (1990)
  • beer bottles
  • wine bottles
  • liquor bottles
  • bottles smashed
  • beer cans
  • pop cans
  • plastic beverage containers
  • plastic beverage container lids
  • plastic Slurpee cups w/lids & straws
  • tetra packs
  • straws
  • straw plastic covers
  • paper coffee cups w/plastic covers
  • modified containers for drug consumption
  • drug paraphernalia items
  • plastic bags
  • plastic sandwich/food containers
  • twist ties
  • wrappers
  • fruit labels
  • china plates
  • cutlery
  • batteries
  • underwear & socks
  • shoes
  • shirts
  • hats
  • gloves
  • towels
  • umbrellas
  • female hygiene’s (both)
  • condom wrapper w/used
  • tissues, dry & wet
  • diapers
  • dog poop bags
  • toys
  • glow sticks
  • fireworks
  • matches & lighters
  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • pen & pencils
  • chalk
  • student homework
  • band aids
  • receipts
  • spray paint cans
  • golf tees
  • golf balls
  • golf club
  • plastic bags
  • cigarette butts
  • plastic cigarette butts
  • lawn chairs
  • tent poles & pegs
  • balloons
  • string
  • ropes
  • bungee cords
  • blankets
  • tennis balls
  • Frisbee’s
  • basket ball
  • cremation container
  • airplane antenna
  • staircase construction debris (2002)

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