John Dean Nature House

The Keeper of Illahie

Established in 1994, the John Dean Nature House is a repository organization committed to the collection and preservation of maps, books, papers and images concerning anything to do with John Dean and the provincial park.
The archive holds:

  • a copy of all maps, 1852 onwards;
  • books that reference John Dean;
  • a complete assembly of all related property histories;
  • 700 pre-1989 photographs, indexed and cross referenced;
  • 6,000 post-1989 photographs, indexed and cross referenced;
  • a full assembly of park history topics, indexed and cross referenced;
  • art and portraits; and
  • artifacts.

The John Dean Nature House has a mandated plan that ensures:

  • secure storage of materials;
  • proper succession planning;
  • continued research;
  • continued financial investment;
  • continued collection growth;
  • continued relationships with families;
  • information access to trusted citizens;
  • information access via producing social-cultural history books;
  • park knowledge; and
  • park presentation.
Jarrett Thomas Teague
Jarrett in Kandahar, Afghanistan – April 2002

Jarrett Thomas Teague is the current Keeper of Illahie. He’s been volunteering in John Dean Park since 1989, age 15.

Contact Info:

Jarrett Teague





CBC Radio 1, On The Island, April 20, 2009. Host Gregor Craigie interviews Jarrett – 100th anniversary, John Dean’s Cabin Diary.

SHAW, Shoreline Magazine, June 10, 1996. Host Marolyn Stevens interviews Jarrett – 75th anniversary, John Dean Provincial Park.

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