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Blessings In Plenty Cover
Volume I
Blessings in Plenty from John Dean
A Life and Park History

The story of John Dean, one of the true pioneers of British Columbia, is one of those sagas that give the lie to those who believe Canada’s history to be dull. This man set a superb example of responsible citizenship. He was the first to stand up for urban planning, and was the first to donate a large chunk of his private land to create a major provincial park. John Dean’s Life Story  – Park History – 65 Photographs – 1998

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cover of Scared heart

Volume II
Sacred Heart
John Dean Provincial Park
This is the story of John Dean Provincial Park. The mountain legends, the survey, cabins, development and the shaping of BC’s oldest donated park. This remarkable book has skillfully captured the spirit and sights – making a perfect souvenir that can be enjoyed and shared. A Mount Newton / LAUWELNEW  History – 65 Photographs – Trail Guides – 2004

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front cover of John Dean's Cabin Diary book

Volume III
John Dean’s Cabin Diary
Illahie, Mount Newton 1895 & 1906-1937
This is the Illahie saga, the whole story as written by John Dean, from the property purchase to its transfer as park. This book captures every diary entry concerning Mr. Dean’s time with Mount Newton.

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Cover of J Wasn't Alone
Volume IV
J Wasn’t Alone
British Columbia’s John Dean, born 1850, England – Victoria pioneer, 1884 – had risen to his position through fine character, hard work and the strength of his own spirit. He was a contractor, civic leader, realtor, world traveler, and was the first to donate land for a provincial park. Dean passed away in 1943, age 92. He’ll always standout as a prominent pioneer of the province. This story explores his personal essence… He loved the time he’d spent at Illahie: the lush of June, the hum of the August forest, the brand new October mists, his oil lanterns, tools, firewood, spring water, the birds, fresh food from the garden, and the best of recorded music.

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