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Map of John Dean Provincial Park  (PDF)



EAST ENTRANCE:     (main access – Dean Park Road):
Via North Saanich – From East Saanich Road, head west on Dean Park Road, up into John Dean Provincial Park. The parking lot is located 2 min above the yellow entrance/night gate. The above map is located in the parking lot, and at 12 priority junctions throughout the park.

Note: the entrance gate is closed dusk to dawn; and the park is closed to vehicles mid-November to mid-March. Winter parking is available in front of residential homes along Charmanah Terrace; however I strongly encourage visitors to use the west-side access along Alec Road.

Gate back-ground: To prevent night parties and dumping, in 1992 the gate was installed. Winter closure saves money and offers the park a much-needed rest period.

Via North Saanich – From McTavish Road, look for UVICs Dunsmuir Lodge lower stone pillars; park along the lodges access road, and walk up to the lower parking lot. The parks north entrance is the Barrett Montfort West Trailhead, which starts from the parking lots upper right corner near a power pole. The Barrett Montfort Trail West leads to the Slektain Trail; the Slektain explores the parks North Block and leads towards the old growth valley and summit areas.

SOUTH ENTRANCE:     Winter Access!
Via Central Saanich – From East Saanich Road, head west on Haldon Road which turns into Thomson Place. Park on the upper side of the road, between house # 8233 and 8257; you’ll notice a road-side parking and sloped trail heading upwards. The Gail Wickens’ Trail heads up north through the ten acre Haldon Park, entering John Dean Park at the southeast junction of: Woodward – Montfort – LAUWELNEW. This south-side access route is highly recommended, especially during the sunrise.

WEST ENTRANCE:     Best Winter Access!
Via Central Saanich: Just north of West Saanich & Mount Newton Cross Road, turn east onto Alec Road, 3 min to the end. Adjacent house # 8525 you’ll notice a BC Parks map/sign. Turn around, so-as to park on the lower/west side of the road. The lower Merrill Harrop Trailhead is the parks west entrance; most recommended during the winter gate closure (Nov-Mar). This is a great all-seasons hiking route that explores the western slope of Mount Newton, which leads up towards the West Viewpoint and the parks central old growth valley and summit areas. Park maps are positioned at priority trail junctions.


THE GREAT ALEC ROAD LOOP (courtesy Suminski Trail Runners, YouTube)

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