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Radio Sidney

Autumn 2022, Nicola Furlong interviewed Jarrett Teague; ȽÁU,WELṈEW̱ / John Dean Park. Radio Sidney Program Podcasts About the Peninsula The Keeper Of Illahie ATP S4E15 Thanks Nicola! Discover Jarrett Coaching the Future – YouTube  

Broom Management Indifference Contingency

BROOM MANAGEMENT SYSTEM SUCCESSION | 2022-23 ȽÁU,WELṈEW̱/John Dean Provincial Park Last year my theme word was – Indifference: Who cares? If the broom wasn’t removed, would you be concerned?   This year, my theme word is Contingency: When Jarrett is unable to remove the broom, is a plan in-place? Who should be thinking of a […]

Indifference; what is the value or worth?

BROOM MANAGEMENT SYSTEM SUCCESSION | 2021-22 ȽÁU,WELṈEW̱/John Dean Provincial Park 2021 exceptionalism has made the park broom-free. The result is the way ahead for new volunteers has been eased (fresh starts). 11 of 11 broom zones are mint; End-2021 the broom zones were totally cleared; 55 hrs per year is required to maintain the achievement. […]


ȽÁU,WELNEW PARK (John Dean) I’m very excited to report that the park is ivy, blackberry, Daphne, and broom free! 11 of 11 broom zones are mint; By Dec 18 (80hrs), the broom zones were totally cleared; 75hrs per year is required to maintain the achievement. All meadows are maintained at minus 18”/18mths growth; today, 2” […]


John Dean Provincial Park –          9 of 11 broom zones are mint; –          2 of 11 broom zones are controlled and require further attention; –          All meadows are maintained at less than 1.5yrs growth; and –          30min per zone is required to maintain the achievement.   Since 1991, Jarrett has been taking action: firstly removing […]


Grand and sacred John Dean Park – all Invasive Zones are properly monitored and actioned monthly to sustain the “invasive free” achievement. The primary threat species are: Broom Holly Daphne Himalayan blackberry Ivy   This author is seeking future volunteers who can emerge and extend the achievement forward. The ideal commitment is: 15min monthly per […]


All of the meadows in John Dean Park are “broom free”. The park has 9 Broom Zones: 5 x Flagship Presentation zones 2 x Trail-side Viewpoint zones 2 x Special Place zones Noteworthy: few parks within the region have received such a long-time commitment towards the complete removal of broom.   Updated: Autumn 2017 – […]


Today, Pickles’ Bluff is mint – ready for special visitors!   Updated: May 2016   The magnificent Pickles’ Bluff is the best place to share with tourist and visitors alike! The eastward views are exceptional, everything from Sidney, the North Shore Mountains, the Gulf & San Juan Islands, the Cascades, the Victoria area and the […]

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