Grand and sacred John Dean Park – all Invasive Zones are properly monitored and actioned monthly to sustain the “invasive free” achievement. The primary threat species are:




Himalayan blackberry



This author is seeking future volunteers who can emerge and extend the achievement forward. The ideal commitment is: 15min monthly per zone (9mths a year). Are you concerned?


John Dean Provincial Park has emerged as the only 2017 invasive free park on the peninsula; however inbound threats persist. Noteworthy, nobody except this author is looking at what is occurring surrounding the park. Worse, few if any parks within the region have received such a longtime commitment towards the complete removal of invasive species. Today, invasive species are filling the Saanich Peninsula, and there’s nil coordinated leadership, either government or volunteer based that is learning or willing to conduct the hard work.


At John Dean Park, organized volunteers haven’t partaken since 2003. Since then, some regulars have offered to help, however the question is always: how can an individual start? Below are the natural necessary stages which enthuses a volunteer towards producing results:

1) Recognise the invasive treat;

2) Connect with the subject matter;

3) Request a personalized tour of multiple specie zones;

4) Network with BC Parks and/or their representative;

5) Undertake responsibility for 1 or more zones;

6) Report specie/zone/time accomplishments;

7) Guarantee your stewardship commitment; and

8) Own longtime invasive stewardship, and arrange its succession.


For future volunteers, this rating breakdown can be used to acknowledge and recognise volunteers:

a) Invasive Removal Sponsor: thank volunteers and/or provide financial reimbursements;

b) Invasive Removal Companion: 2nd year and/or 1-2 zones;

c) Invasive Removal Supervisor: 3rd year and/or 3+ zones;

d) Invasive Removal Principal: 4th year and/or all zones; and

e) Invasive Removal Keeper: accepts long-time accountability for all specie zones.


It’s my great hope that a person or family adopts each task. If you have a favorite spot or would like a specific breakdown of a specie and their zones, contact Jarrett to begin your involvement.



Best, Jarrett



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  1. Bryce Kendrick
    Posted March 8, 2017 at 9:40 pm | Permalink

    The friends have rigorously pursued the removal of ivy and broom from the Park, and we have been quite successful, to the point where I have turned my own efforts to Tixen and Island View Park, where I have made huge inroads into the broom population, and am also considering taking on the Daphne and Blackberry populations.

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