Jarrett Teague believes John Dean Provincial Park requires the following “first-line volunteers”, best acknowledged as “Trail Captains.”

Would you like to accept one of these volunteer roles?

  • Entrance Road
  • Parking Lots
  • Pickles’ Bluff
  • Abraham Collins Lookout & summit meadows
  • Old Growth Valley / Valley Mist Trail & Skipper’s Path
  • Merrill Harrop Trail
  • West Viewpoint & Surveyors’ Trail
  • Slektain Trail
  • Montfort Trail (East & West)
  • Woodward Trail
  • Thomson Cabin Trail & meadows
  • LAUWELNEW Trail & meadows

Trail Captains “preform above and beyond” by devoting to their area of interest . . .

Activities can be:

  • provide information / interpretation
  • monitor & report concerns
  • response to vandalism and new garbage
  • trail grooming
  • broom removal
  • drainage maintenance



“BC Parks encourages community involvement in helping to conserve natural values and provide recreational opportunities. Key to the BC Parks volunteer program is improved collaboration among the many individuals and organizations that share our goals. By working together and sharing resources we can take advantage of the wealth of knowledge, experience and commitment of those who make up the BC Parks volunteer community.”

If you have any questions, please email


To Volunteer with BC Parks @ John Dean Provincial Park contact:

1) BC Parks:

Katy Fulton: BC Parks Area Supervisor (Cowichan, West Coast Region)



2) Park Facility Operator:

R.L.C. Enterprize Ltd.


Phone: 250-474-1336


3) BC Parks Volunteer:

Jarrett Teague: Volunteering since 1989


Phone: 250-642-3031


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