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me-si’-ka Illahie

Today (2 Aug 21) on CBC’s the Early Edition, a panel discussed renaming British Columbia. Me-si’-ka Illahie (Our land) or Illahie Chuck (Land and Water)   An excerpt from the parks 100th book, John Dean 21: ILLAHIE TRANSLATES FROM CHINOOK AS COUNTRY, LAND, EARTH AND SOIL Today at Ƚ/JDP, the Chinook name Illahie is prominently […]

Pronunciation and Definition

ȽÁU,WELṈEW̱ (Clay will nook) ȽÁU,WELṈEW̱ is the traditional name for Mount Newton ȽÁU,WELṈEW̱ means Place of Refuge/Escape/Healing ȽÁU,WELṈEW̱ is best pronounced as Clay will nook 1921-1936 DEAN PARK 1936-1957 JOHN DEAN PARK 1957-2019 JOHN DEAN PROVINCIAL PARK 2019-current ȽÁU,WELṈEW̱/JOHN DEAN PROVINCIAL PARK  


The priorities of 35 and 25 years ago   At Lillian Hoffar Park which fronts on the western side of Tsehum Harbour, recently 14 people met for a three hour ivy pull. This Stage 1 removal brought back memories of the initial ivy removal at Illahie during the late 1990s. Mid-morning, I moved over to […]


Jarrett Teague believes John Dean Provincial Park requires the following “first-line volunteers”, best acknowledged as “Trail Captains.” Would you like to accept one of these volunteer roles? Entrance Road Parking Lots Pickles’ Bluff Abraham Collins Lookout & summit meadows Old Growth Valley / Valley Mist Trail & Skipper’s Path Merrill Harrop Trail West Viewpoint & […]


75th anniversary film (1921-96) by Don Robb & Jarrett Teague – 30min Between March and June 1996, Don Robb and Jarrett Teague created the film: John Dean’s Sacred Trust. The initial plan was to celebrate the parks 75th anniversary; however the priority message needed to focus on the proposed down-loading from the province to the region. […]


LAUWELNEW | 7:50min | JOHN DEAN PARK, 2014 “…Mount Newton mantled by the deep green of John Dean Park.”  “…these magnificent old trees – these huge firs and cedars, that remind you that John Dean Park is the home on the largest stand of old growth forest we still have on the Saanich Peninsula.”


Updated: 2016 – “100% ivy free”. The Ivy Management System for John Dean Park is: routine priority sustain the achievement search & remove quarterly 30min per area is crucial & conducted carefully remove baby-ivy slips by the root   Area A:                 Illahie had 9 ivy zones (stage 7 achieved, 2009) Zone A-1              Valley Mist Trail, […]

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