West Viewpoint Trailhead 2021

Great news for everyone; access improvement and trail upgrades are underway. The 1995 staircase infrastructure will be removed (June 2021) and replaced with a new 15% trailhead that will serve as an accessible and sustainable trailhead route.

Over the past two years, BC Parks staff and experienced trail volunteers have located the most appropriate trail route. The new route is approved; reconfiguration is underway… a new switchback trail route will be opened this June.

ȽÁU,WELṈEW̱ / John Dean Park, West Viewpoint Trail

–          1937 – trail built

–          1995 – staircase installed

–          2021 – staircase removed

To improve trail access and safety, this year BC Parks will be removing the staircase and installing a new access trail. The route has been carefully selected. It starts from the middle of the pond and traverses up a 15% gradient. The upshot is that staircase replacement and downline maintenance costs will be avoided, and hikers will experience an easier trail approach.

If you are interested in more information or decision timeline details, please e-mail jarrettteague@yahoo.ca

The BC Parks Ranger e-mail address is: peter.woods@gov.bc.ca

Thank-you for your suggestions and support.

Best, Jarrett

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