The Mt. Rainier Sign, 25 Aug 20

L/JDP 100 – We’re now experiencing the 100th anniversary of ȽÁU,WELṈEW̱/John Dean Provincial Park. The scope of this anniversary ranges between 2018 and 2021.

100 Years ago today, John Dean created a sign for those visiting the summit… Mt. Rainier >>> 150 miles away, 14,408 Ft. High

A century later, the trail signs throughout the park shine…  This month, all 70 trail signs are being sanded and painted with a new BC Parks brown stain.


25 Aug 1920 – Quite cool – Made signboard, lettered + painted letters, Mt. Rainier >>> 150 miles away, 14,408 Ft. High; finished paint 8:45, retired at 9pm tired. (6:45am 55, 12pm 54, 9pm 58)

26 Aug 1920– Bed fall going out – Painting cellar door + setting post + signboard on summit. Left for town at 7pm, rain coming. (7am 52, 2pm 62)




2018-2021 Centennial Years





  1. Lorraine Pernigoni
    Posted September 5, 2020 at 7:47 pm | Permalink

    Hi Jarrett, Just finished reading your book of John Dean “Blessings in Plenty.” I found and bought it in Bastion Square Book store just last week. I am so very impressed with your narrative of Dean’s life and his accomplishments. I grew up in Sidney, born there in 1938, but although we went to the park often, I had no idea of who John Dean really was. Our family used to go there quite often, have picnics and hike around, enjoying the wild flowers and views . Our elementary school teacher and her husband even took our class camping once, in tents, on a weekend and let us explore somewhat. We owe you a great debt because it is obvious you love this park and have been and are doing everything in your power to preserve and improve it for a long time. What we can say is: Thank you very much for all your hard work and devotion!

    • Jarrett Thomas Teagu
      Posted September 5, 2020 at 7:56 pm | Permalink

      Thank-you Lorraine. Great to hear from you…. 1938 was also the year the parks entrance road was built and the year the Duck Pond filled for the first time. Thank-you for touching base – Jarrett

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