“WE GOT WALLOPED” with snow, end February 2014

Here’s a taste of an e-mail received March 3, 2014; concerning the huge snow-fall we experienced, starting February 22 onwards. Many others also reported they were frightened by the endless snapping branches…


“We got walloped with snow and John Dean Park was hit hard!  We went up shortly after the first fall…it was like the top of Mt. Washington up there…never seen the snow so thick!

It was actively snowing when we went up.  Didn’t think much of it until we heard the first crack of a branch and saw a big snow down!  Suddenly we realized the hazard of going through there that day.  Left and right stuff was falling down all around. It was wild.

We made our way up to Pickles’ Bluff, but there wasn’t even a view… just grey.  The snow was just so incredibly thick everywhere, you had to watch where you stepped (not being able to see the path so much…we even lost it at one point).

We made it out ok and have been back a few times since.  In fact, even today the snow is still thick in parts of the trail.  Blow down (or snow down in this case) is everywhere.  A couple of trees uprooted right across the trail; quite a different path now.”

Cheers, [good friends, from Saanichton]


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