Film By Don Robb and Jarrett Teague – 1996 (29:18, courtesy YouTube, Shaw)


Between March and June 1996, Don Robb and Jarrett Teague created the film: John Dean’s Sacred Trust. The initial plan was to celebrate the parks 75th anniversary; however the priority message needed to focus on the proposed down-loading from the province to the region.

Don wrote the script; attained and worked with Shaw staff, Larraine Scollan and John Carswell who conducted the filming and editing phases. Jarrett assembled key personalities from the Saanich Pioneer Society: Edo Nyland, Moran Brethour, Cill Bethell, Bessie Roberts, Kathleen Macfarland and Wally de Temple.

The result was a timeless film that aired on the Shaw community channel throughout 1996-97. Today, it’s become a permanent record of the mid-1990s. It captured the importance of John Dean Provincial Park by highlighting its history and expressed a concern for its future. Most importantly, the film records Moran, Cill and Kathleen, pioneers familiar with John Dean…

Thank-you Don Robb (1922-2003), I truly savoured our conversations.

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