John Dean Provincial Park  –  operational contacts

BC Parks is the organisation responsible for the overall conservation, regulation and preservation of John Dean Provincial Park. Rangers are the management, who are responsible for public safety and over-see provincial park master plans.

Each provincial park has a Park Facility Operator (PFO), who handles the daily operations.

For operational questions/concerns, please e-mail one of the following contacts. As a volunteer, I forward & cc e-mails to BC Parks and the PFO.

  1. BC Park Ranger:
  2. BC Park Operator:
  3. BC Park Volunteer:


BC Parks:

Peter Woods: BC Parks Area Supervisor (Cowichan, West Coast Region)


Phone: 236-478-3817



Park Facility Operator:

R.L.C. Enterprize Ltd.

Office e-mail: (Mon to Fri)

Managers e-mail: (emergency topics)

Office phone: 250-474-1336 (Mon to Fri)



BC Parks Volunteer:

Jarrett Thomas Teague CD (volunteering since 1989)


Phone: 250-642-3031    (2012)

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