John Dean Nature House

The Keeper of Illahie

Established in 1994, the John Dean Nature House is an organization committed to the collection and preservation of maps, books, papers and images concerning anything to do with John Dean and the park that bears his name.
The archive holds:

  • a copy of all maps, 1852 onwards;
  • books that reference John Dean;
  • a complete assembly of all related property histories;
  • 700 pre-1989 photographs, indexed and cross referenced;
  • hundreds of modern day pictures, indexed and cross referenced;
  • a full assembly of park history topics, indexed and cross referenced;
  • art and portraits; and
  • artifacts.

The John Dean Nature House has a mandated plan that ensures:

  • secure storage of materials;
  • proper succession planning;
  • continued research;
  • continued financial investment;
  • continued collection growth;
  • continued relationships with families;
  • information access to trusted citizens;
  • information access via producing social-cultural history books;
  • park knowledge; and
  • park presentation.
Jarrett Thomas Teague
Jarrett in Kandahar, Afghanistan – April 2002

Jarrett Thomas Teague is the current Keeper of Illahie. He’s been volunteering in John Dean Park since 1989, age 15.

Contact Info:

Jarrett Teague





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SHAW, Shoreline Magazine, June 10, 1996. Host Marolyn Stevens interviews Jarrett – 75th anniversary, John Dean Provincial Park.

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