Royal Assent, ȽÁU,WELNEW/John Dean Park

May 14, 2019, at 17:05:10, BC’s Bill 16 – 2019, received Legislative approval.


May 16, 2019, BC’s Bill 16 – 2019, received Royal Assent.


ȽÁU,WELNEW is best pronounced as Tlay will nook; the traditional name has been added, nothing has been lost.


Here’s the link and mapping to watch the third reading of Bill 16, which passed on May 14, 2019, at 17:05:10.

Select: Tuesday, May 14, 2019, Afternoon – House, Chamber Video. Watch time 4:57 to 5:06pm. Especially look for MLA Adam Olsen’s statement and question at 4:58, and the Minsters following response. Watch until 5:06pm. Adam – well done, thank-you!


I’m so pleased this has happened. Since my grade 3 (1983-84), I’ve been keenly aware of the sacredness of the mountain atmosphere. A few years later, I worked with BC Parks to bring three traditional trail names into the park: SLEKTAIN, THUNDERBIRD, and ȽÁU,WELNEW were approved. By spring 1991 new posts and sings were installed by myself (age 16). In 1995, the name Raven Creek was added, and since then I’ve maintained and replaced the posts and signs as needed. The fact that these names were accepted and never touched by anyone is an amazing testament towards overall long-time acceptance, and now love of these names. Adam Olsen, thank-you so much for properly adding the mountains name to this amazing park.


Thank-you John Dean (1850-1943) for saving your intact property, and for inspiring future land additions to the park which you created in 1921.


I am pleased to present this new name: ȽÁU,WELNEW/John Dean Park


Global News, May 4, 2019

Indigenous students convince B.C. government to change name of provincial park” WATCH: A group of B.C. indigenous students has successfully petitioned the NDP government to change the name of a provincial park on the Saanich Peninsula to reflect the area’s First Nations’ heritage.


Best, Jarrett


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