Pauquachin Chief Sawteaqualtin

Allan, my long-time friend has passed. We were in grade eight together and staid in contact throughout the years. I’ll miss you, Allan.

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Posting on behalf of the Tom Family

It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Allan Craig Tom

Chief Sawteaqualtin Allan Craig Tom

Sunrise: March 25, 1974

Sunset: August 2, 2022

Predeceased by:


Philomena James

Hazel Henry

Moody Henry


Louis Aleck Tom

Phyllis Leona Tom


Polly & Sandra


Darryl Allan Tom

Louis Michael Darnell Cooper

Baby Buckshot

Niece: Polly Tom

Survived by:

Daughter: Taryn Tom

Siblings: Judy Henry, Harold Tom, Julie Tom

Numerous nieces + nephews as well as many extended family and friends.

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