Fire Smart FX Assessment at L/JDP – 2019-20

BC Parks has hired a firm to assess some key areas in L/JDP for fuel load and hazards, and to write a fuel management prescription. They started their field work on 23 Sep 19, and have flagged much of the northeast and eastern boundaries of the proposed treatment areas, plus along the road and surrounding the parking lot.

This isn’t the first assessment. Most recently in 2011, the areas surrounding both radar towers were assessed. Some light thinning occurred; many piles of lateral materials and debris were removed from the forest floor. However, in 2014 the summit trees north of the airport radar tower received a 2’ topping, and that material was left on the forest floor. For decades, most oblivious to the public is when trees and branches fall across the entrance road, the debris is cleared and tossed off the road and left piled to compost. Yes, habitat is created and the lifetime eco-cycle is interesting to observe, but a fire hazard is also created at the roads edge.

I’m looking forward to reading the “fuel management prescription”, and of course will support BC Parks. Depending on funding, the results of an impact assessment and consultation with First Nations, the fuel prescription that is being drafting right now – may be implemented as early as next spring.

I’ve been asked not to remove the companies “light flagging”, so in-turn I request visitors to leave this flag tape in place. (watch 1min video)

A guide for households looking into ways they might protect their families and their homes from wildfires (copy into your browser)

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